How to charge my Account Balance with coins “GOLDEUR”?

You go in your Dashboard . On the left side you Have “Membership” button . From there you can charge your account with our coins “GOLDEUR” and after you can use for pay our Featured Option (Vip, Premium, Featured, Banner) for your ad.

5 Coins “GOLDEUR” – 5€

10 Coins “GOLDEUR” -10€

20 Coins “GOLDEUR” – 20€

30 Coins “GOLDEUR” – 30€

50 Coins “GOLDEUR” – 50€

Where i can see my coins balance?

Your coins “GOLDEUR” balance will be shown down bellow your posted add or in your Dashboard

When you buy a Featured Option your Credit Balance will be deducted from your Balance .

When you don’t have enough coins “GOLDEUR” you can order again at anytime from your Membership account.